Every time you wash outdoor clothing, it affects the clothing's properties and reduces the water resistance.

We therefore recommend the following tips to ensure your children's outdoor clothes last as long as possible:

  • Do not wash outdoor clothes as often as other clothes, but only when absolutely necessary
  • Dirt can often be rinsed off in the shower or wiped off with a damp cloth
  • Always follow the washing instructions in the clothes
  • Never use rinse or bleaching agents, as this will damage the material's resistance and durability
  • Do use liquid powders and avoid overdosing
  • Do not use a tumble drier or airing cupboard for drying, as this damages the resistance and thereby the clothes' water and wind resistance. The watertight tape around the stitching will also become stiff and can rip the material
  • Let waterproof all-in-one suits and trousers dry upside down, so that the water can drain easier

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